Sorry, the tax information of the shipment cannot be queried. Please check whether the inquiry conditions have been met. For any queries, please dial the hotline 95338 for consultation. Thank you!

Order information
Order No: SF1020037368402
Origin country: 中国
Article name: 毛衣
Shipper: Pier
Origin city: 深圳
Article quantity: 22件
Receiver: Jack
Destination country: 加拿大
Declared value: 88USD
Freight Details
Freight Charges: 运费
Grand Total: 总运费
Fuel Charges: 燃油附加费
Payment status: 支付状态
handling fee SST: 其他费用
Tax details
custom duty: 关税
excise duty: 货物税
SST: 消费税
sub-total of dis: 税金合计
handling fee: 报关服务费
Payment status: 支付状态
handling fee SST: 其他费用
sub-total of services: 费用合计
Details: 税单详情查看
Tax details
Duty: 税金
handling fee: 中国
Other taxes: 毛衣
Payment status: 支付状态
Tax bill: 税金凭证
Value-added tax: Pier
Consumption tax: 深圳
handling fee SST: 22件
Details: 查看
Tax voucher: 税单
Declaration warehousing fees: Jack
Commodity tax: 加拿大
Total: 88USD

Warm prompt: Please check the waybill information and the amount of taxes carefully. Click to pay after there is no mistake. Thank you for your support!

Total:   627
Payment method:

Notes for tax information inquiry

1.Only tax data generated in the import gateway in overseas countries for export from Chinese Mainland to overseas countries in two months.
2.For tax details inquiry, contact information of either the shipper or receiver shall be provided.
3.The currency corresponding to the amount of tax details is the actual tax currency of shipment generated at the import gateway of each overseas countries. SF will make settlements by converted currency and amount at the customer's location based on the collection exchange rate issued by SF on the current month of actual customs declaration.

Tax payment
Total tax you need to pay 62.07   (90)s
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1.After the 90-second countdown of the payment QR code, the window will be closed automatically if the payment is not made
2. After the payment is completed, please wait 10-20 minutes before checking the payment status, due to the uncertainty of the payment status delay.


Since there may be uncertainties like payment status delay, please view & download the tax receipt 10 to 20 minutes after the payment.

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